Flow Space is a fitness studio opening soon in Bluffton, SC offering everything you need in fitness classes ranging from barre, yoga, kettlebell and bootcamp.

Flow Space offers more than a workout, but a lifestyle built around intentional, healthy movement to elevate your life on a daily basis.

class descriptions


A 50 minute class offering a low-impact total body barre-based workout adding exercises from yoga, pilates and traditional cardio. Your entire body will reap the benefits of lengthening and toning exercises while your mind can escape in the music and movement. Every fitness level is welcome.

F/s bootcamp

A 50 minute class using high intensity interval training and strength training. This class will get your heart pumping and your muscles burning using a variety of methods from HIIT to kettlebells and suspension to give you a full body workout. Every fitness level is welcome and your instructor will modify based on your current fitness level. 

F/s yoga fusion

Our restorative experience offering a gentler approach while also moving your body enough to sweat. This 50 minute class offers more stretching as seen in yoga flow and a greater focus on releasing tension and noise in the mind. Every fitness level is welcome. 


50 minutes of kettlebell sequences paired with cardio and stretching to grow stronger, burn calories long after your workout and challenge yourself with a new routine each class. Kettlebell is an incredible exercise to incorporate your entire body and boost your metabolism while staying focused on safe, intentional movements and functional fitness.

WHERE TO FIND US: 162 Bluffton Road, Suite 102, Bluffton, SC 29910 - Opening late January 2019