Sweat Therapy | FlowSpace Fitness Studio Opening Late January 2019


This thing we are building is so much more than getting in shape. We look at exercise and fitness as a way to be better in every aspect of our lives, and we want you to feel that way too. Our studio came about after discussing the feeling that we could only describe as “sweat therapy.” It’s our way to describe the feeling that comes after a strenuous, challenging, sweat-inducing workout. The feeling that gives us hope, it empowers us, and it helps us release. It brings us into our bodies and takes our worries from overwhelming to doable. It helps us to be more present with our kids and be present with each other. It forces us to put the phone down, detach from the screen and listen to our breath for one full hour. It gives us a sense of relief that just for today, we weren’t complacent. We moved, we grew and we flooded our body with feel-good hormones and fresh blood to age more gracefully.

By moving, we gave gratitude to our strong legs and healthy heart.

The cure for anything is salt water: SWEAT, tears or the sea.

-Isak Dinesen

We want to give this to you, to our community, and to our friends. We want you to feel comfortable, at home, and challenged all at the same time. Beginning exercise is not easy. Facing your racing thoughts is not easy. We want to face those fears together and help you keep your promises you made to yourself once and for all.

We open in two short months and hope we will see you there.