What if it works?

Good morning! I'm going to be completely honest, when I shared on facebook my first blogpost "A New Adventure", I literally text my husband "holy f***balls, I feel like I'm naked in public." Because I was scared shitless to share my truth and my dreams with my family and friends. But wow, I am blown away by the support and love. Thank you to every single one of you who has messaged us, liked our page, shared your struggle with anxiety or your feelings about the post or this new business of ours. It has meant the world to us that you have opened your minds and your hearts to begin this real conversation we hope to continue and engage in week after week as we embark on our journey with Flow Space. So, thank you from the bottom of our hearts! 

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We are counting down to our first week of classes! Our Flow Barre class will be kicking off at 8:30 a.m. at Venue 1223 in Old Town Bluffton on Monday, September 3rd. I know it's Labor day, but I always feel better in a bathing suit after a sweaty, heart-pumping workout, so I thought you could get it in before your boat day/beach day/pool day, or whatever you have planned! Please join us, tell your friends, or anyone you know in this area. It means so much to have your support!

Today, I wanted to share something I started to do during times in my life where I needed to make a decision, had anxiety about merely anticipating the change it would require, and how I'm working on making decisions based out of love rather than fear. Change requires a bit of risk, sometimes a lot of risk. I avoided it like the plague for years. I am only just now beginning in the past year to make changes in my life that I thought about for over 5 years. This past year though has been FULL of change, and now being on the other side of it, I can tell you, if you're not happy in your life right now, and you're yearning for more, but it feels so damn hard, it may be time to look at your perspective. Releasing my aversion to change really came down to fundamentally creating a perspective shift in my mind. This very simple perspective shift, that I would work on again and again could easily be the impetus for finally getting my hands dirty and checking things off my list of goals to live a life I love. The perspective shift comes from asking yourself a question, one question. This one question is something that can literally be the difference between action/inaction, sitting on the sidelines or playing in the game. Here's how it goes....say for example, I want to start a fitness studio, I love barre workouts, I love creating workouts and playlists, I love all that exercise has done for me, and I think what if I do it, what if I open a studio? My immediate response has been generally "What will people think?....I can't afford it....a majority of small businesses fail in their first year...I'm a lawyer for goodness sake, act like one...." My habitual response, which was probably conditioned after years and years of not believing in myself was immediately negative. I immediately believed that it would fail.

The same goes for getting inspired to eat healthier and you go to actually make the green smoothie and start day 1 of changing your habits and you say to yourself, "oh, I'll probably give up like I've done a million times before...I can never lose this weight...this doesn't taste good...how do people actually do this?....I'm not made to be healthier..." Or the always present anxiety about having anxiety. Yes, when you have anxiety, you begin to worry about your anxiety...you feel unhinged, you're crying a lot, maybe angry, you feel stuck and you feel that nothing is working, you absolutely 100% lose confidence in your ability to change your life and heal yourself. You turn to numb yourself with things that don't work, i.e. alcohol, food, work, whatever it may be. You feel the nerves and the racing heart and you think there's no way out. It will cross your mind that you should walk outside and breathe or go take a yoga class. But in the moment of feeling paralyzed by these feelings, you don't because it is very, very hard to believe you can change.       


So, you can choose to accept that this is your life, this is who you are. I did it for years. Or you can talk back to yourself, and question these beliefs. There is no quick fix to changing your relationship with food, or reducing your anxiety, or finally following your dreams. I believe they happen through small, subtle steps that you consistently take day in and day out. A place to start, I would suggest, is with your perspective. So in those moments where you catch your ego's response to your soul's desire or goal....try asking yourself this,

What if it works?

What if it freaking works? What if I can be a lawyer and a studio owner? What if it works and I don't care what other people actually think because I'll be flooded with endorphins and positive energy? What if my healthy habit changes stick and I begin to release this heaviness and this weight that's been weighing me down for years? What if the nature walk does work and just for tonight, I don't have an anxiety attack and I sleep well?

You can try it with anything you're currently ruminating over and considering or hoping for. Do you feel what happens? That feeling may be brief and fleeting, but it is generally expansiveness and hope. Hope that change is possible, that you're not stuck and that you can start again. What if what you really want deep in your heart IS possible? What if it works? 

In health,