The Power of Simple Rituals To Help You Stay Present

ritual (n): (1) a set of actions or words performed in a regular way, often as part of a religious ceremony; (2) any act done regularly, usually without thinking about it.
— Cambridge Dictionary

Simplicity and routine. Doing something just for the doing of it, not for an outcome. A ritual is underrated. I never understood the power of rituals, even simple routines, until I did a complete 180 on my life and changed everything. I then craved the simplest of things I used to do that brought me comfort.


What is it about a ritual that calms you? What types of rituals can we adopt in our days to give us that feeling over and over? Could it serve as meditation?

I don’t believe there’s anything magical in a ritual, except for the consciousness of doing it. An ordinary routine or practice turns into a ritual the moment you release the time constraints, sense your way through the experience, and find gratitude for it in its simplicity. Now, rituals span back thousands of years and I do believe there is magic in a group of people in a community channeling their energies to a common purpose. But that’s for another post.

What we can learn from those ancient communities is that our human selves love rituals for the grounding they provide in this chaotic world. Why have we almost neglected all of the rituals our ancestors did?

What rituals can do for you are this:

  1. Simple Meditation. The pleasure of doing the simple things, such as washing dishes, watching children play, grounding our feet into the earth, cannot be overstated. In a world of technology, blue lights, and constant stimulation, try to use these simple things as your meditation. See what feelings come up and if it makes a difference in your day.

  2. Profound Impact on Food. If you view your meals, the preparation of your meals, the eating with your family or community as a ritual, it could actually change your entire life. This slows it down and makes food about nourishment and community, not about being full or numbing. This can have a huge impact on making healthier choices.

  3. Slow Down Time. Time flies and it can give a lot of people a sense of anxiety. It does for me. Treat moments of your day as a ritual, a sacred time where you bring your full and complete self to the moment and to the people in it. Watch how time slows, and your mind follows.