Why Detox? 3 Reasons It's Important and Simple Ways to Start

Your body has it’s own natural detoxing system. Although detox diets are extremely popular, Intense juice detoxing or cleanses aren’t required to get the benefits of detoxing. To feel cleansed, energized and renewed, you can simply follow daily tips to enhance and support your body’s natural system to rid the body of toxins.


Here are 3 reasons Detoxing is important:

  1. Toxic Buildup Happens Steadily Overtime. Even if you’re diligent about not smoking, limiting alcohol and eating reasonably well, toxins are everywhere in the world we live in. The impact of toxic buildup in our bodies can happen gradually overtime through accumulating small amounts of chemicals in our body on our daily encounters or by our daily habits. Your shower routine is a great example of this. If your self-care products have chemicals and you spend 10 minutes a day in the shower, your skin is soaking in those chemicals daily and overtime the effect on the body increases.

  2. Less Time To Detox Naturally. Although our body naturally detoxes, we live in a society where we don’t give our bodies the time and space it needs to properly rid the body. For example, if you eat a late meal and maybe dessert and then wake up the next day to drink your coffee with sugar and milk, your body had less than 8 hours to detox. That’s just simply not enough to do the work it needs to do. (see below about intermittent fasting)

  3. Notice Beginning Symptoms of Inflammation Or Allergic Reactions. In addition to common toxins, all of our bodies are made differently and some of us may experience more intense allergic reactions or inflammatory responses to certain things we encounter. Tuning in and being aware of what your body feels like when everything is clean and working well is a great way to know when you may be exhibiting symptoms of something greater.

Get started with these two beneficial ways to assist your body with its natural detoxification system.


This is an approach to detoxing that involves not what you eat but when. By quitting your consumption time earlier and eating later the next day, you’re giving your body extended time to detox. If you eat dinner by 7 p.m. and do not eat again until 11 a.m. the next day, you’re providing 16 hours of time for your body to cleanse what has been consumed and detox. If you eat sooner, then your body redirects its focus to digestion and doesn’t have the time or energy for the detox. It has been shown to affect your body on a cellular level and have huge benefits for your overall health, such as lower insulin levels, improved brain and heart health and more.

See more great tips on intermittent fasting at https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/323605.php


Sugar is one of the most toxic substances you can eat. It’s in everything. By simply focusing on consuming less of it, you’re giving your body a huge break. Sugar has been shown to cause heart disease, diabetes, obesity, inflammation, and so much more. A big way I started to reduce my sugar intake was by completely removing sodas and sweets, but also making switches in my daily coffee. I began to use raw honey instead of sugar or sweetener. My body processed this so much better and I felt better. Start by looking at small changes and work your way up to removing it all together.

See great tips on reducing sugar at https://www.forbes.com/sites/nomanazish/2018/04/20/five-smart-and-doable-ways-to-eat-less-sugar/#480afef87327