Class Descriptions


F/s BARRe fusion

A 50 minute class offering a low-impact total body barre-based workout adding exercises from yoga, pilates and traditional cardio. Your entire body will reap the benefits of lengthening and toning exercises while your mind can escape in the music and movement. Every fitness level is welcome.

F/s bootcamp

A 50 minute class using high intensity interval training and strength training. This class will get your heart pumping and your muscles burning using a variety of methods from HIIT to kettlebells and suspension to give you a full body workout. Every fitness level is welcome and your instructor will modify based on your current fitness level. 

F/s yoga fusion

Our restorative experience offering a gentler approach while also moving your body enough to sweat. This 50 minute class offers more stretching as seen in yoga flow and a greater focus on releasing tension and noise in the mind. You can still expect toning and sculpting exercises found in barre and pilates classes. Every fitness level is welcome. 


50 minutes of kettlebell sequences paired with cardio and stretching to grow stronger, burn calories long after your workout and challenge yourself with a new routine each class. Kettlebell is an incredible exercise to incorporate your entire body and boost your metabolism while staying focused on safe, intentional movements and functional fitness.

F/S yoga flow

50 minutes of vinyasa flow is good for every body. It will strengthen, stretch, and relax your body while still fitting into your busy schedule. All levels welcome from beginners to veterans.


What to Expect: First-time clients please arrive 10-15 minutes early to get safely set up for class. We will provide mats, but you’re welcome to use your own. It is always best to bring water.

What to Wear. We guarantee a judgment-free zone. Be comfortable. You can take the class barefoot, in grippy socks or keep your shoes on. The instructor will advise what will be best for class, but you decide what feels best for you.

New to Group Fitness. We welcome any first-timers to exercise generally or to the type of exercise we teach. We will work with you, support you and guide you through each step. Think of group fitness as a built-in community that will challenge you, support you and help you reach your goals.

Always Modify: If you have any particular health issues or limitations that you believe the instructor should know, please arrive early to class and inform he instructor. Otherwise, please follow any modifications and instructions given in class that are consistent with your personal abilities. Please try not to judge or compare your progress or body to someone else in class, we ensure a fun, open-minded, positive environment for everyone!

What to Bring. You should bring your own water bottle to class. We will provide mats and towels.

When you are Late. If you are late, you are welcome to join class up to 10 minutes past the beginning of class. We will be glad to lay out your spot in class if you call to let us know you’re running behind.

Cancellation Policy. If you cancel class 6 hours prior to class, we will be glad to provide you a class credit.

Refund Policy. Single Classes, Class Packs and monthly unlimited purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable.